Digital Maturity Assessment provides a detailed Digital Readiness Assessment Tool for businesses to identify where they are doing well and what areas can be improved to enhance their digital maturity.

What is Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity refers to a businesses readiness and capability to leverage digital technologies and strategies to achieve its goals and remain competitive. It goes beyond merely adopting digital tools and encompasses a businesses ability to integrate technology into its core processes and drive digital innovation across all levels.

A digitally mature business can adapt quickly to changes, utilize data to make informed business decisions and continuously evolve its digital capabilities to enhance customer experience, optimize operations and sustain business growth.

Why it’s important

Its important to stay up to date with changes in technology to ensure your business remains competitive by securing yourself from digital threats, streamlining operations, utilizing current technologies to enhance your customer experience, and having access to the business data you need to make informed decisions.

To be successful in this digital era it’s essential for businesses to implement an IT strategy, however simply developing a strategy is only one step, to ensure it’s relevant and remains relevant businesses need to regularly assess their Digital Maturity to determine what areas require greater focus.

Digital Maturity Assessment

The Digital Maturity Assessment has been developed by the Australian Government to support businesses in reviewing and improving their Digital Maturity. The Report reviews several focus points and offers initiatives to help guide businesses towards improving their digital maturity, these focus points are:



Data & Analytics


Risk & Cyber Security

Digital Capability & Culture

Digital Strategy & Innovation

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